Marlow the shooting star

Marlow Rocks chronicles the hyperactive intergalactic adventures of Marlow the shooting star, (the fastest fireball in the Flossy Trail Galaxy, albeit the known universe), and his space-based friends. Marlow works as a galaxy messenger for the Flossy Trail delivery service, flying through the skies with limitless enthusiasm but not much sense, his flair for finding trouble is as vast as his speeds. Luckily Marlow’s good friends Kirsty, a cosmos exploring Earth cow, and Biffy, an amicable alien, are usually on hand to share the inevitable escapades that occur in one irrepressible individual’s extraordinary life.

The Flossy Trail galaxy may be a million miles away from Earth, yet as Marlow and his friends encounter things like gravity variations, black holes and multiple moons, little aliens everywhere can learn more about their own galaxies and solar systems.